Eclipse Logbook

Eclipse Logbook 1.0

Tracks, updates and displays daily driver's logs
Organize, complete and plan river's daily logs in the utility that tracks information from selected logs on a daily basis and updates. Manual data modification is possible by selecting a required Date, and records of changes are displayed on the log form.

Eclipse Logbook is anexciting simple new way to complete and plan driver's daily logs.
Eclipse Logbook tracks your log information with one log per day, just like you do with paper logs. You control which log is displayed by choosing the date on which you want to work in the Date field. Any time you change the Date, that log and all its information will be displayed on the log form.
If you have a GPS device attached to your computer and it's active, you can use it to provide Location information without any typing; all it takes is a single mouse-click!

Eclipse Logbook can calculate your miles driving for the log automatically if you enter your odometer at each change-of-duty status.

Eclipse Logbook works like paper logs: when you write on a paper log, you expect your writing to be there when you next look at the log. Likewise, when you type or click in Eclipse Logbook to make an entry, it "sticks" and stays there; no "saving" is required.

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